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Introduction and Welcome

Welcome! and thank you for visiting the website of the Ancient and Accepted Rite for the District of Warwickshire. I do hope you find the site interesting and informative, whether as a member of the Order, a prospective member, or simply someone

with an interest in us and what we do.


The Order in England is divided into Districts. The District of Warwickshire has 16 Chapters in a geographic area coinciding with the Provincial Grand Lodge of Warwickshire.


Each District is in the care of an Inspector General, who is responsible for the charge and supervision of all Chapters in his District. The relatively small number of units enables Inspectors General to have a valuable and personal contact with the members of the Chapters which they oversee.


Chapters are not generally large in number, the emphasis being on members who will maintain the quality, friendliness and warmth of the Order, and we share a special atmosphere of quiet and dignified Christian fellowship. Chapters meet throughout the year, usually on two or three occasions, and after the meeting, there is a traditional festive board with few toasts, the brevity of which enables formalities to be concluded usually by 9.30pm.


The order is non-hierarchical with no equivalent of Provincial Officers normally found in other Orders.  I am assisted by a District Recorder (Ill. Bro. Frank Corrigan 30°) who carries out administrative and secretarial duties for the District.


If you are considering the Rose Croix as the next step in your progression as a Freemason, the necessary qualifications for membership are for the applicant to be of high moral standing, to professes the Trinitarian Christian faith, and to have been a Master Mason for twelve months or more. There is no requirement for an applicant to be a member of any other Order and nor does an interested Mason need to wait to be invited to apply for membership.


If you would like an informal chat or more information, I or the District Recorder would be delighted to hear from you. Our details may be found at the “Contacts” section of the site.

V Ill Bro. Stephen W Fowler 33° 

Inspector General

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